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Our purpose is to emotionally equip frontline staff to engage with customers without the stress


Our Story

The World Health Organisation, in 2019, declared mental health was THE biggest challenge the world faced. Then COVID-19 hit and it all got very very real, very very quickly — especially frontline staff.

Organisations have been clamouring to transition to work from home, support customers and staff in need — all while trying desperately to maintain cultural connection and productivity. Unfortunately, many have been caught being reactive... forgetting that prevention is better than cure.


But how do you prevent stress?

Well science has some answers and technology has the solution.

Firstly, we isolated the trainable, emotional skills exhibited by high performance staff that link to provable business outcomes.

Then, we built the first world’s emotional fitness program — designed specifically for frontline staff.

So for the first time it’s now possible to prevent stressful experiences for frontline staff. That’s a win/win/win.

As emotionally equipped staff, create happier customers, that create more successful businesses. The clues were there all along, we just democratised, digitised and gamified them.




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